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When in Doubt...DO THIS | Decision-Making Made Simple(r)

Don't you hate it when you're feeling doubt? When you're not sure what to do?

In a world of uncertainty, how can you be sure you're making a wise decision? The good news is you don't have to be. You don't have to be “certain” about anything, but you can be CONFIDENT about some things.

The mistake most people make is thinking they live in a black and white world. They think if something isn’t right, it must be wrong. But we live in a vibrantly colorful, beautifully non-binary world, where things aren’t always black and white, things aren’t always right or wrong. So here’s my advice: when assessing anything–be it your thoughts, words, actions, relationships, or pursuits–look at the fruit that it bears. Ask yourself, “What fruit does this produce?”

Is it life-giving or death-bringing?

Is it faith-filled or fear-full?

Is it love-laced or hate-based?

Is it fresh or rotten?

Here's an easy one: Should I exercise? Yes.

Here's a hard one: Should I quit my job? Depends on the meaning you've given that job. Does it make you go against your conscious? Does it harm others? Does it positively impact the world? Some questions lead to more questions. And once you've answered enough, you'll have a good idea whether it's fruitful or not.

Here's an even harder one: Should I marry this person? You're going to have to think hard about that one. Does this person bring you joy? Do you bring the best out of each other? Is the relationship life-giving?

Remember, aside from death and taxes, you can never be 100% sure about anything. But by asking yourself, "What fruit does this produce?" you can at least be confident in your decisions.

When in doubt, ask yourself… “What fruit does this produce?”

-Jeff Teresi

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