What You Can Expect

As an experienced and esteemed speaker, Jeff aims to deliver education, inspiration and entertainment to your sales force. Jeff's events are sure to be a fun and memorable experience, packed with

actionable content designed to increase sales, focus, and engagement.


Breaking through to your next big Breakthrough

Audience: Corporate/Association/Non-Profit/Educators

Length: 45-60 minutes + (Optional) Book Signing and Q&A

Objectives: Increase Sales, Focus, and Engagement

Jeff will share how to connect with, create, and cultivate:

  1. A Thankful Heart

  2. An Empowered Mind

  3. Encouraging Connections

  4. A Clarified Calendar

  5. An Inviting Environment

  6. Ongoing Growth

  7. A Purpose-filled Plan

Watch Jeff in Action

From One Sales Manager to Another

With authority, humility, and humor, Jeff is able to capture, inspire, and empower his audiences! His presentations are filled with great ideas that are adaptable and immediately implementable in any work environment.

Keller Williams

Jeff would love to partner with you for your upcoming event or conference. For availability and pricing, as well as to insure we are able to meet your event goals and objectives, please send inquiry to  Info@JeffTeresi.com.


We look forward to working together to help you and your team break through to your next big breakthrough!